Staff Training

In-house workshops to boost the knowledge, skills and capability of your team.

Team Building Events

Professional learning modules as part of team building programs and events.

Strategic Team Development

Customised professional learning sessions as part of a strategic team culture development program.

Clear Direction


1. Leadership

Lead Without a Title
Encouraging people to step-up to leadership and become positive persons of influence. [60-90mins]

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2. Team Strategy

Focus on the Future
Getting your people focussed and aligned by connecting them to your strategic objectives. [60-90mins]

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3. Team Cuture

Build Your Tribe
Creating a vibrant and connected team culture that attracts and retains great people [60-90mins]

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Capable People


4. Positive Mindsets

LIFT! Let's Improve the Future Together
Creating uplifting team cultures where people LIFT and support each other by promoting positive mindsets. [60-90mins]

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5. Personal Productivity

Find Your Kefi
Optimising personal energy and productivity by finding and keeping your zest for life! [60-90mins]

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6. Employee Engagement

The Fun Philosophy
Boosting employee engagement, morale and motivation by having fun at work. [60-90mins]

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Give your team a morale boost with these simple and fun team building activities.

Working Together


7. Team Relationships

Crack the People Code
Reducing conflict and improving communication by building quality team relationships. [60-90mins]

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8. Teamwork

Build One Team
Boosting team spirit and commitment by getting your people to think, feel and act like a team. [60-90mins]

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9. Continuous Improvement

Kaizen Your Culture
Improving team performance and results by creating a culture of continuous improvement. [60-90mins]

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What People Say

“After 20 years of working and attending many PD’s, this one was the MOST enjoyable and beneficial."
Team Member

"The most fun and exiting program I have ever been involved in." 

Team Member

“What an inspiration! Your day has lifted us! Everyone was buzzing and many have mentioned it has been the best day they have had for a long time. It was just what we needed."
Team Member

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